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Full Version: Vorpostenboot / Rottenboot (VP-Boat) Armed Trawler
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Hi, i am pretty new to FtD but i got some Knowledge about Naval Warfare and Military Technology. Today i built a "Kriegsmarine VP-Boat". A converted Trawler with some AA-Guns.
Since VP-Boats arent a defined class of Ships, there arent such things as Blueprints or cuts. I used the following link as template:

[Image: 20160801165328_1.jpg]

[Image: 20160801165302_1.jpg]

[Image: 20160801165245_1.jpg]

[Image: 20160801165232_1.jpg]

It is armed with:
4 x AA MGs (18mm, ROF 200, 300m Engage Range and Planes only)
2 x Single 37mm Flak L/83 (37mm, ROF 60, 600m Engage Range and Planes only)
1 x Single 88mm Flak L/45 (88mm, ROF 15, 1200m Engage Range against any Targets)

*Depth Charges are in Progress

-Shells consist out of 3 Customizers (2 Gunpowder Casings)
-One AI Mainframe with Naval and Target Prio card
-3 Repair bots, the Formula said 3.67 but i made it 3 because the Crews on this coastal Warships werent that skilled and drilled.

The ship is Aloy only, about 58m long, 9 wide and has a Draft of about 4.
It could go about 30m/s but i limited it to 10 because with slow speed it feels more like a converted Trawler than a real small Warship like a Gunboat.

Problem i know about (WIP): Since it is pretty small a part of the runway covers parts the Engine Room, giving it 2 Aloyblocks Armor at some Spots.

Please tell me what i need to change Smile


*Edit i calculated with a Crew of 60 and rounded down because of the crews lacking training compared with the crews of the "real" Kriegsmarine Ships.
We don't use autoloaders here on the DW subforum because those didn't exist in WW2. You can just attach the feeders to the ACC block.
I'll change it. Didnt know that its possible Smile
*Here it is changed. One Axis Turrets with Mantlet and Loader converted to two Axis Turrets. And just Beltloaders on the MGs left.

Is it possible to limit a Clip capacity? Since the 37mm AA Guns were fed by 8-Round clips i would prefer 8 round belts ingame instead of feeders with a constant ROF.

I'd also like a way to limit belts but as of right now there isn't a reliable way to do it. Nice work though, we'll have to get someone above me to come take a look at it.
Thanks Smile
I had to do some changes at the propeller and ballast due to the different Water Drag in DW. It still stomps a bit, but i will get it fixed with some trial and error testing.

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