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Full Version: Adventure Tim. eh Mode!
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Will be there one for this "planet"?

It would work with a block limit. You'll have a convoy at some point.
Like in Mad max 2

Sounds funny to me.
I'd like to have one, but I'm not sure how well the game can handle spawning randomized solid terrain if at all. The current terrain and biome system seems rather finicky, so I'm not sure whether its even possible to create such adventure as of yet. It's up to Nick if he wants to code something like that I guess. Would like to see some proper terrain in adventure in general.
oh, he wants to.
If not, we make him to want to Tongue
No, Land adventure does not work in any way, i tried it on Zrytix and you got stuck under the terrain and you cannot get out of it
Also adventure does not accept terrain whatsoever