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Full Version: (LH) Wild "Discharge"
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A quad rotor hover (ish 30-40m above sea) wild the two pac's are very short ranged and "shotgun" opponents at close range.
[Image: 1m3FfA9.jpg]

[Image: XZ8NQZb.jpg]

[Image: nYUlpq4.jpg]

[Image: BYfeXN8.jpg]
Seems rather boxy. When Bacon or Majyst come around they'll probably suggest breaking it up with angles consistent with other faction designs.
Vorpalim is correct on this one, the design doesn't really follow the LH aesthetics. While it's somewhat boxy, the main problems are the external dediblades and the cockpit on top. LH designs only employ dediblades as internal parts if ever (external dediblades are only really seen on DWG, TG and some GT tribes) and any cockpits or similar are usually inside the hull to promote the sleek and advanced look of the faction. I haven't properly tested the design itself yet as I'm still in the middle of the detection update for the existing stuff, but the stylistic errors must be fixed either way before I can even consider accepting it. I suggest checking some of the existing LH ground designs for guidance.
(2016-07-14, 06:32 PM)BaronBaconeer Wrote: [ -> ]stylistic errors must be fixed

More like this
[Image: ZSJ0Zks.jpg]
edit: or this
[Image: gnPg0DM.jpg]

also updated to hover better