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Full Version: (DWG) Train/Truck-looking weaponized transport
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The current name is more of a joke since i first intended to make a big truck with teeth(while also reffering to a certain song that is kind of weird but awesome at the same time lol) , but i kind of changed my mind and ended up with this.

It has a lot of issues at the moment but i'm very proud of how it looks so far. it does get stuck but im pretty sure you could fix it with a thrust component of some sort.
Must admit that its missing that very specific DWG flavor and the transport cargo along with the weapons don't really seem like they're of the DWG's style. .

Also not very sure where this thing would fall in terms of vehicle classification. I think it's in the resource range which is probably a very good spot for this vehicle since it looks as if it's transporting cargo(it lacks resource collecting pieces however Sad ).

Wouldn't mind if this got a make-over by someone more familiar with the DWG theme since i cant hold back on those 4m beams very well.

[Image: Trucking%20trouble.png]
sorry, the vehicle had taken some battle damage when i took the pictures so there's actually a sail missing on the boat.
the big turret it's too big
Bigger turrets,
more dakka.
more dakka,
more OP
more OP,
more gooder