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Full Version: 500k No-Holds-Barred Tourney (Complete)
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Because I'm crazy and I want to give you guys PLENTY of time with this one, here's the announcement of my next tourney!

There will be very few restrictions on this one. As in, almost none. The only restrictions are as follows:

-All entries will be spawned in facing one another 1km apart. If you want a different orientation, use a spawn stick.
--One blueprint, please. If you want multiple vehicles spawned in at the start you'll need to make a spawn stick.
-Max RP is 500,000. This INCLUDES the spawn stick.
-The maximum range is 1500m. The maximum altitude is 300m and the max depth is 75m.
--60 second disqualification timer. If a vehicle is out of bounds for a total of 60 seconds it is disqualified. This does not reset until a new round begins.
-Centralized resources will be used with 15k of every resource available.
-LUA is banned.
-You will be disqualified if you do anything that causes my computer to crash, freeze, or otherwise be unable to complete the recording.

That's it. Bring on your particle cannons, bring on your jet stacking, bring on any exploit or broken mechanic you can think of. Get wild, get crazy.

The matches will be best 2 out of 3 and this will be a single elimination tournament. Each round will be fifteen minutes long and at the end of that time the entry with the most HP remaining wins. There is no minimum HP value required for victory. If one entry has 92% and the other 93%, the 93% wins.

Entries may be submitted here on the forum or to my email at The deadline for submissions is Friday July 29th at 6 PM eastern and the first episode should be posted on August 1st.

The Teutonic Knight by Linch
The Ironclasp by xxscorps
SPG-3 Lynx X2 by A Lemming
Idon'tknowwhattocallthis by Char_Charodon
Dumbo by Draba
Precursor_RT by Mourark
Beehive by Varien101
Whale by Awesome Gamer
The Bad Team by DeltaForce
Go Away MKII by Neekap
So many tournies!

I might try something other than a traditional displacement hull for once.
anything goes with only 500K RP as restriction?

...Which of course means I'm participating in this one! I actually might modify the craft I'm currently building for the Syndicate tournament to be more competitive for this one.
I'm probably gonna be in this one too.

I have no idea what to build though.
Unfortunately since propulsion now just tops out at certain speeds, there'll be no need for jet stacking since it won't give any benefits.

That said, I think I'll try to make something airborne. Tongue
Infinite reassures? If so... Muahahahaha
(2016-07-07, 09:51 PM)amimai Wrote: [ -> ]Infinite reassures? If so... Muahahahaha

Quote:-Centralized resources will be used with 15k of every resource available.
(2016-07-07, 09:51 PM)amimai Wrote: [ -> ]Infinite reassures? If so... Muahahahaha

(2016-07-07, 07:22 PM)Menti Wrote: [ -> ]-Centralized resources will be used with 15k of every resource available.
*snerk* Shadowkick and I posted that at pretty much the exact same time.
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