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Full Version: My opinion on the size limit
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Yes, you can change it in the planet editor but you might as well go play some other campaign at that point as AotE is not balanced to be used with shoeboxes of doom.
I edited it myself to a 10000 block limit, sadly couldn't figure out how to remove the limit entirely.
cicl on the big blue button that says "set volume allowance infinite". Then save the campaign under a new name.

Of course, if you do that, you wont receive any further content updates to your new saved world, and the next update carriers some significant changes to designs. Most notably to the little ones that get stuck under ground.
Also, some material balance changes

[Image: 3c1e81a145.jpg]

If you really want to do this, I suggest you also change the Spawn chance and lower the FPs of the Elite tanks in each faction so you face more of them to bring more challenge for yourself
(2016-08-14, 07:47 PM)BaronBaconeer Wrote: [ -> ]now that repair bots have been removed they don't heal at all
I really, really hope you mean from those particular designs.
could you otherwise make a legal super tank by docking together tanks to a flagship type vehicle at the start of the battle?

This seems a lot more interesting Imo since it basically means larger vehicles but with critical spots.
You can bypass the volume limit via subvehicles to create stuff like the TG mechas.
(2016-07-03, 11:35 AM)FluffySpaceRaptor Wrote: [ -> ]Alright so the limit seems like a good idea but it's currently too low. I have to spam guncars to take down an enemy base which seems rather pointless. I'd much rather have a massive base fighting a massive base as there's so much more action! having two bases spawn in little units to fight with is so much fun but right now that's impossible as the 2000 limit stops me building a base comparable in capabilities to the factions' bases without making it entirely out of guns.

I think you guys should seek some advice from Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. They have massive mobile bases that fight at long distances using smaller units to attack whilst they stay back. To me this makes more lore sense and it gives the game a stronger sense of strategy: "protect the HQ else they'll overwhelm you". Towards the end of the fight when you're running low on resources the bases move in as a last ditch effort to win which also makes lore sense as you would want to win but also to protect the base.

But that's just my opinion, a game based around mobile forts being attacked by a swarm of your units is just redundant and annoying. There is no strategy past "produce a thousand crappy units to kill their bigger unit" since we can't repair or re-purpose their bases either.

Just make doomtrains and be done with it. Nice, long line of docked subvehicles. Also, a weird little detail I saw is that wedges have the same health and armor as the full sized one but half the volume.
Shame about the limits being unchangeable in code, otherwise it would be cool if the three original bases had larger volume limits to allow the player to have a pair of elite tanks and an HQ. Sad Oh well, the campaign is great as it is! Smile
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