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Full Version: DWG elite tank (no name)
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sorry I forgot the propeller and rudder
this is the updated release of tank
Took a look. It's pretty fancy, has lots of guns and I like the little howdah on the back. It has some flaws however:

-There are no powered wheels on the front, so it gets stuck in even the tiniest inclines
-Needs paint
-Mainframes are exposed to the elements, should be moved to somewhere more well-protected
-It's tiny! DWG elite should have at least 6k volume
-Could use some flares

Fix the gripes and I'll take another look.
I can test create an other big turer Under cabin I'm very bad for defense, the AI I can deplace it and for ammo you have suggestion because the small turret haven't damage and it's very for decoration but i like if than can destroy other vehicule
and I have a small DWG vehicle you wan't it??
I have change d├ętails I have paint it ,I have add missile and flare, and the volume is now 5K and this name is the anaconda

[Image: ?id=720078062]

[Image: ?id=720078006]

[Image: ?id=720077965]

[Image: ?id=720077932]