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Full Version: Pre-rendered top-down sprites for strategic view
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Then saving a vehicle blueprint, the game could also bake-in a pre-rendered top-down (in vehicle space) image of each vehicle. 1 block = 1 pixel.

When in strategic view the pre-rendered sprite could be used instead of the generic air/water shapes. Additionally, an outline (green or red) could be added dynamically so you can see if it's friend/foe.

Note: A captured vehicle image would not have your team colours unless you re-save the vehicle.
If this is not too difficult or demanding to implement, I approve.

For the colors, you could do an overlay where any blocks visible to the top are adjusted to the team color (though this may get complicated).
Sounds cool, it'd be pretty cute to get little sprites of all my ships if we could export them too.
Could this also be displayed on top of the green wireframe rectangular prisms in the "E" menu where the name is usually shown?
Honestly i think an outline of the ship would be a better idea