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Full Version: Suggestions for more CRAM components.
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I have a simple suggestion: CRAM components that do NOT connect in all directions. I'm talking specifically about Connectors and Gauge increasers. I realized this as I was trying to make a quad-CRAM turret with 2000mm calibre. It was a struggle that lasted hours because the Gauge kept sharing, and messy troubleshooting along the lines of "what's touching now, that shouldn't?".

So maybe some connectors or Gauge parts that have different connections, to make several-cannon turrets less frustrating to build.

And before you say it, yes, I'm sure there's some people who are absolute experts and never have this problem, but this is for everyone else.
Quad turrets are rather easy separate them into four sections by an iron cross I know this might seem like a waste of space but it will save the other three cannons from damage if a peenitrating shot hits something explosive, most people do not have this issue because most people build turrets differently than you do, though I do admit there gun turret Tetris can be really complicated.
IIRC the gauge corners don't connect on all sides.
That's right they only connect on 2
Oh my gosh. This saved my build! Thank you. But still, some not-six-way-connectors would still be a cool addition. Or some Gauge increasers that only have five connections. ^^
Check the blocks there's four kinds of gauge increasers I'm pretty sure each of them is different. Just plop down a firing piece and see what each of them does