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Full Version: Ahrida Aviatory Wing Corp NEW! Fighter: Belangkasan II Ausf C
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[Image: GSuQfZm.jpg]

Corp Leader: Wilma Von Borsig
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Specialty: Build an aircraft like a jet fighters, bombers, flying fortress is my talents. If you asking for a helicopter, you have to point toward Mr Palvaton.
Role: Scientist for the organism, world resources, crops research and development and foundation of the new oil, instead of using fossil fuel too much, soon or later it will be gone from earth... forever. Consider as a replacements.

It is time to open my "Hanging Pad" or Air Field since I was severely injured during Neter Conflict, my men's worried about my current conditions, but it's under controlled. I'm Wilma Von Borsig, call me Wilma much better, I'm not just a last scientist for my fatherland back in WW2 era, I'm also responsible for doing some research and development aircraft during that time, but now it is over for us, but not over for this era, lived with unknown area, they call this world, Kinnaza, the last stronghold island, the Central Region of Kinnaza, the rest already falls to the humans greed. This is the reason why they hated them so much, although Monklizard, Alden, Mr Palvaton and I was a human too. But thank goodness to Hialda, she is the one who summoned us, I'm still holding the most precious blueprint I kept until now, the Horton series, and the rest of the Luftwaffe aircraft. Later, one of the tribe from the sky, the Red Wing ppl not really like that because they are the Ancient Races. Her name is Ahrida, almost like a human, like me, but strange thing is, her leg is savage claws like reptiles, her hands as well, she has the pointy fur ears? I thought the bird doesn't have ears is, it? She's the one who knows a lot about geographical, and weather all over the Kinnaza World. I name for my company or corp, Ahrida Aviatory Wing Corp. since her unique physicals she had.

Our aircraft, it is not the same as Kinnaza ppl mention to us during their land has been bombarded by humans aircraft's. What I understand from them, the human's aircraft is similars like WW2 era, but far better than our technologies from the past. Most of my aircraft majority is influence from Horton aircrafts, my personal aircraft during that time, and Ahrida told me, they believe the moon shape would be nice as well, and sea creature like... Belangkas? Perhaps Horseshoe crab she mentioned that? Some of the Blue Wing tribe also add their heroic totem shield as aircraft shape, I'm sure they have some strange ideas... I'm working of these ppl. And save them from the human tyrannies, once for all.

[Image: LFKkJlX.png]

I think I should make the second slot because the first page is about to full. As usual I list the links down below.


Assault Wings


Moon Fortress

Aircraft Classes

[Image: kq04FtA.jpg]

Belangkasan II Ausf A's Data


Mursoona's Data

Horadia's Data

Taringa's Data

Mookahoon Data

[Image: 7NtPzaK.jpg]

Shahudakhirin's Data


Sharadu's Data

Garifijin A Data

[Image: 7mXlJQ9.jpg]

[Image: hw9YnFz.jpg]

Belangkasan II Ausf B's Data


Garifijin L Ausf A Data
Lets start with the Blue Tribe heroic shield shape, Garifijin Fighter A has arrived. I put the data below. Stand by.

[Image: unCwBBz.jpg]
[Image: Gw3zQN1.jpg]

Garifijin A Lore

A weeks ago before Monklizard form his group to investigate the strange distress beacon into the Neter World. One of the Blue Wing tribes proposed their heroic shield they hold it, they said they would like to see this shield fly to the sky, I thought they give that shield to me so I can throw their shield to the sky just like they want. but it was my bad habit to do such bad joke to them, what they want from me is, to create any kind of aircraft, as long its look like their heroic shield, a days later I'd just finish one of the Assault Wing Class, and Bombers too, in the air field hangars they're quite surprises that their shield is bigger than their helded in their left hand, once I put it down the cover, they suddenly rush to the Garifijin A and Garifijin L Ausf A as well, I don't know how to describe this to my record, they seems like they cried for no reason, and the one I am not so happy to see from them is, they worshiping my aircrafts. But I cant blame them, its their native believes, animisme or something?

Garifijin has developed from Blue Wing ppls request based on their heroic shield of Garifijin , a total 12 Garifijin A has builded, 2 for bomber class. I got some request from the other faction, a human faction called Squirrel Zed. One fighter and one bomber were exported to them.


[Image: NxqtLky.jpg]


2x 1519m CRAM Chute bombah!


10x 5m long Standard missiles, Infra red system. Air to air combat
2x 5m long Firecracker launchers, Air to sea combat.


2x Sticky Flares

Garifijin A were stored in the Blue Wing Hangar near [Image: 7NtPzaK.jpg]. A feedback is most importances to me to improve it more. You're welcome to do so. Good Day.
The second Garifijin has arrived, this time is heavy duty bomber, Garifijin L Ausf A.

[Image: 4Do8GoZ.jpg]
[Image: HmnniCN.jpg]

Garifijin L ausf A Data

After Garifijin Fighter A has completed, I'd just realised that the fighter class shouldn't do some bombing run, but during the combat, no accident occurred when they fly those fighters, but sometimes I need to remind them not to fly above 550 meter, I don't want to causing trouble if they suffered from "no oxygens" above from that.not just that case, I believed that they aren't know meaning of... stip stalls... as long i'll keep an eye of them they would be fine, later that, they attempted to try fly the bigger one, I understand they concern their... Heroic Shield they mentioned last time, I modify Garifijin L to supervising them, that bomber, ride only 2 ppl, so I sealed the chairs from behind and equipped some radio so they can hear me when I instructed them. Before they when to take of from the landing pad, they seems so very hyped, but I didn't have any doubt with them, since it was their ideas to create such flyers. The only I need to careful with them, during on combat, they almost drop a bomb almost hit the civilian structures. I asked them use "Navigator Targeting Bombing Run (NTBR) to assist them, im sweating so much, im a women can sweats a lot huh?Sad

Only 2 bombers were created, until I teach them well, and train the other pilots as well, I'll entering in mass produced more, and different role as well.


[Image: 8leNZgI.jpg]


100m AA MG-100 Turret, single receiver (Sabot Head, 2x Solid)


12x 5m long Standard Missiles, Infra red system.

4x 5m long Backdraft Missiles, Infra red system. Only reach when enemy from behind.


4x Sticky Flares.

Garifijin A were stored in the Blue Wing Hangar near [Image: hw9YnFz.jpg] feedback is most importances to me to improve it more. You're welcome to do so. Good Day
A fighter class has arrived! Im sure this vessel is not like a fighter class, fight must be small at least in max 600 block, but this one is almost like 1.5k blocks I made of, the "Belangkas shape" or Horseshoe crab in english. Here we go~! Mookahoon A!

[Image: A5WnsXN.jpg]
[Image: 34sRFE8.jpg]

Mookahoon Data

There's a one person came to my door to greet me, once I open the door, it was horseshoe crab race, her weapons is quite scary, I thought it was mirelurk of something, Ahrida greet her, so its friendly. If not, I'll let Monklizard and his men to capture this creature and cook her for our dinner. Ahrida told me that she have a little interest with the flying metal, I told them that was aircraft we build recently. She tried to draw some a moon shapes, or crabby or something, but she cant due of her hands were sharp claws, I asked her to come with me at the beach, draw the things on the sands. She draw the shapes very well than Monklizard, I'm admired her, once i looked at the sand she drawn it, it was a ancient weapon their ppl used during the Ancient Wars, from the past. She explained to me everything, all she want me to do is... as long have a multiple bullet fly through the enemies, especially humans, I when to the construction yard, and begin to construct based on the sands she draw it. Once its completed, I forgot to tell her name. She walk slowly with many crawler legs she had, she touch the hulls, and... I forgot to put some power for computer system inside it. But, she already installed the power inside the new ship I made, she called that ship... Mookahoon, a long lost friend during the conflicts, it was a miracle once I inspect inside the Mookahoon ship, the power she put in was... unlimited energy, is this the reason why the human capture most of the ancient peoples because the weapons? Now the next problem is, how can she ride that ship, because of her size, she said, do not underestimate the ancient ability, morphing, her leg and hands transformed like a armored or something, she tried to be like human form.

Development started once the Horseshoe crab drawn on the sands, 1 only build. Currently on flight by the ancient races of Horseshoe Crab, or Belangkas.


[Image: mZ7Lfyt.jpg]


4x 100mm AA Turret of Moonkahoon, (Sabot Head, 3x Solid)


8x of 5m Standard Missile 2x Explosive, 2x Frags, 4x Frag, EMP

2x of 5m Torpedos Missile, reasonable damage against submarines and navals type.


4x Sticky Flares, fire to the sky!

The 'Belangkas' girl or horseshoe crab when to the sea and told her ppl to come to the shore near the [Image: kq04FtA.jpg] garage. Now, i'm getting more busy with them, once I see them in the sandy beach tomorrow... Dodgy
In episode 16, Ishtifarati managed salvaged all three factions during the battles, like Onyx Watch, White Flayer, and... Scarlet Dawn, for her, this is first time she managed to complete one schematic. Ishtahuna A name her for their pride of the Eastern Region Kinnaza.

[Image: mc3Dvj8.jpg]
[Image: bGqBwpZ.jpg]

Ishtahuna A Archive

During the battles at the Cold Loch area, Ishtifarati managed to captured several vessels from the attackers, the attackers were not just one faction, they are four faction she identified them, Onyx Watch currently she negotiate with them, but failed with many times, White Flayer and their ally as well, Lightning Hood and... Scarlet Dawn. Except Lightning Hood she didn't make it to loot that fast vessel. She salvaged everything inside the hulls. Later, she managed to gather some tech from three factions and start RnD for the new flying type, she said, this is the 1st time for them they build some flyer by themselves, since Ishtavuna eager to fly that small semi bomber fighter type.

Development started after salvaged three factions tech, only two were build due of a favor of Ishtavuna to fly that thing.


[Image: mFa6g4J.jpg]

APS Canon

2x of 166mm mounted gun, Assault gun, front
( Composite Head, 3 Frag, Solid, Inertial Fuse )
( Disruptor Conduit, Solid, 2x EMP, Inertial Fuse, Visible Tracer )

1x of 166mm turret, 360 degree, Assault gun, top
( Composite Head, 3 Frag, Solid, Inertial Fuse )
( Disruptor Conduit, Solid, 2x EMP, Inertial Fuse, Visible Tracer )


10x 3m long Bombing Run Missile, 5x FRAG, 5x Explosive.

2x of 6m long Torpedo, drop torpedo once reach at range 1000m front range only.


2x Sticky Flares.

She put her schematic and asked her warrior to put into the [Image: 7NtPzaK.jpg]. Good luck on peeking.Smile
awesome Smile
These look awesome.Might I ask, what's a "Moon Fortress?" Sounds super big and scary and hot.
(2016-07-20, 06:25 PM)Eon Wrote: [ -> ]These look awesome.Might I ask, what's a "Moon Fortress?" Sounds super big and scary and hot.

Moon Fortress similar as flying fortress, but their role not just as tanky flyer... I might point her... multipurpose flyer, or... replicate flyer...Smile Its still WIP for now.
Another salvages found and merged it all by Ishtifarati and her sister, Ishtirahi, both of them draw the schematic. and deliver it to the Wilma by using their special submarine they built. Belangkasan called it because the shape were resemble as... horseshoe crab.

[Image: d72x2Wu.jpg]
[Image: 0NZz4Ix.jpg]

Belangkasan's Lore

After Ishtahuna A has completed in schematic pieces, Ishtirahi realised after one of Ishtirahis warrior captured one of Scarlet Dawn vessel, a Fusion it called, she pick that shaped and start analysed those hulls and studied it, a days later a word from Wilma from Freedomia is, that she prepared a little gift to them. But what surprising for Ishtirahi is, Wilma would like to build her fly to the sky, just like Ishtahuna Assault Wing, but this time is a Fighter type, Ishtifarati finalised weapon setting based on the enemies they facing of, she apply one weapon the Khirin's family give to her, the particle canon systems, she applied that weapon to counter on the Scarlet Dawn, the last time, Ishtavuna reported that they sent one medium size celestial flyer to stop.our advancing, but not just us, they also started expending their territory near Onyx Watch, White Flayer, even Lightning Hood too. The Quasar it called.

Development started after Ishtirahi finalised Belangkasan schematic, one prototype were built by Wilma, mass production were halted due of lacking pilot to fly this fighter.


[Image: 0Ffll5P.jpg]

APS canon

2x of 90mm Blangkas Canon, front range, intercept enemy air crafts, sometimes at water based as well.
( Composide Head, 3x Solid )

2x of 90mm Blangkas Turret, back turret left and right, intercept any vessels from behind, and 45 angle sides.
( Composide Head, 3x Solid )


1x of 7m long torpedo, massive pack of Explosive, front range only. drop once reach at 1000m.

6x of 5m long Backdraft Missiles.

Particle Canon

Twin Particle Canon (Front)
Back Particle Canon (Back)
Main Particle Canon (Below, dunnow it shoot it or not?)


4x Sticky Flares.

Schematic their sent to the Wilma and she begin to construct them, and send in via
[Image: kq04FtA.jpg]
After Gorgon base collapsed, Wilma requested me to collect every Flayers flyer designs for the next..."Combination Project" so she can do more research and develop before proceed into the next phase... mass production.

[Image: n1fwClZ.jpg]

[Image: aoKWBpa.jpg]

Raluhansa A1 Data

During on R&D, I (Wilma) remember that day during South from Central Region where native from the sea shore told me that he adopting a sting ray, he said this ray were victim from Ancient War and Humias Invasions on their lands, but honestly, he also hold his anger toward those races from Ancients and Humias, but I told him not to involved this war, he must raise those Sting Ray with a good care, not an killer machine like human did. I told him again, what is his name, he called it Raluhansa.

A days later, I finalized all victor spoils from White Flayer planes, and thruster craft, but Carcharodon is the most my interest parts, I'd finished build one of small Assault Wing class, I name it Raluhansa A1, I'd also built another Raluhansa for my command plane, Horten A1. If my theories were correct, this assault wing good fighting in numbers, or swarms can be done, at least 7 or 10 in one fleet, his armaments only for AA purposes, I might thinking even Gymnura might be fall from the sky if I put my self as a bait, and let the Raluhansa settle down the scores, hmmm hmm, I like that strategy. But not just AA, even I managed using one torpedo is good enough to cripple on any naval surface type. Hmmm... I might thinking this would be good idea if I proposed this to the Khirin's Family to build... aircraft carrier?

Development started after salvaged most of the White Flayer air units, two were build, Raluhansa A1 early version and Raluhansa after finalized some components.


[Image: 24rOlgX.jpg]

APS canon

2x of 90mm Sting Shot, Front, AA Combat, has a two different ammo type

(Composite Head, Solid, 2x Frag, Timed Fuse, Base Bleeder)
(Sabot Head, 3x Solid)


2x of 7m Torpedos, drop in once range at 825m but not in 211m closer.


1x Radar 360
4x Radar 90
1x Passive Radar 360

Camera Gimbal 1x
IR Gimbal 1x
Range Finder Armour 2x


2x Sticky Flares
Smoky Talbuk ( Smoke Dispenser )
2x Heat Decoy

Added Blueprint to the [Image: 7NtPzaK.jpg]
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