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The southern lands of Janwall and Eriwick have a long history of sheltering the scum of Neter. Barren, inhospitable, and lacking in resources, the two continents were never conquered by the Steel Empire, leaving the whole area a haven to the undesirables of the world. Scavengers, exiles, pirates, mercenaries, and other lowlifes band together into great clans and tribes to survive in these dangerous lands, fighting each other for territory and resources.

The recent civil war and the general instability that heralded it have given the more ambitious clans new ways of surviving. Not only are looters and scavengers enjoying the fruits of the wars of others, but the fractured Empire can no longer protect its merchants, causing the strongest and most brutal tribes to turn to piracy. One of these clans, the Dustwind Gypsies, has rapidly risen in power and prestige by harrying the merchants of the Onyx Watch, both by land and by sea. Their daring raids on trading and support fleets have become legend among the men of the southern lands, and hushed whispers tell that their chieftain dreams of the day when he can unite the two continents under one Jolly Roger.

DWG are the nomads of old, predating the pirate lords that eventually founded the Greater Deepwater Nation and alongside it the Deepwater Guard. There are no gigantic airships or thrustercrafts, and bigger designs like the Plunderer are completely unheard of. Nomads, exiles from the Steel Empire, scavengers and all manner of other kinds of hooligans and ne'er-do-wells populate the desolate southern lands of Janwall and Eriwick, congregating into great tribes and clans which then harry each other and their neighbors for fortune and glory. Eventually these folks will evolve into the pirates we know and love (mainly due to the riches and spoils acquired by opportunistic actions in the civil war) but currently they're rather poor groups mostly going around with buggies and motorcycles.

DWG is not a starter faction here as it is in the quest for Neter, but a speedy faction of small, low-FP designs that swarm the enemy like a pack of wolves, supported by a few larger "battlewagons."

Needed and Approved Designs:

Tiny harasser craft: Copperhead
Small ACC harasser craft: Sidewinder
Cram Harasser: Sand Viper
Large Cram craft: Desert Boa
AA craft: King Cobra
Wild design: Scrapworks
TD: Taipan
Another thing: Sand Raider

HQ: Land Marauder
RF: Tuareg
Elite: Tremor

Considered submissions:
None currently.
Just for the kick of it, I feel we should have a Marauder in some form here. A giant Jawa-sandship-like but just as ineffectual as the sea version, only good at taking shots. Smile
(2016-05-12, 10:09 PM)karbengo Wrote: [ -> ]Just for the kick of it, I feel we should have a Marauder in some form here. A giant Jawa-sandship-like but just as ineffectual as the sea version, only good at taking shots. Smile

Ooh, ooh! The plan is already forming in my mind, let me have a go at that Smile
Something based on a Marauder would probably work as an excellent cram support. Go right on ahead, the world need more dumb Marauder conversions anyways.
(2016-05-12, 10:33 PM)Twei Wrote: [ -> ]Ooh, ooh! The plan is already forming in my mind, let me have a go at that Smile

Have fun with it! Big Grin
Got an idea for a Wild type design, working on the preliminary version now actually.

General idea: Every society has its fringes, and that includes the scum and villains who have made their home amongst the deserts of Janwall. These lowlifes among lowlifes have made a living (and name) for themselves by scavenging the fresh wreckage they can find on the fringes of faction territories. Wreckage they often make themselves by using their cobbled together vehicles.

Gimmick: Utilizes one or more harpoon missile turrets to yank other vehicles off their wheels and drag them across the ground. Or to at least hold them in place so the other weapons (whether other vehicles or on the Scavenger itself.

WIP Name: Scavenger Junker.
Whoa whoa whoa- You want to rename the DWG? Unless the canon has been completely changed recently, Deepwater Guard is the traditional name for all of the pirates in Janwall. If the pirates are joining in on the Steel Empire civil war for some easy pickings, they would still go by their traditional name.
It was changed recently when Majyst rewrote the faction descriptions. DWG is the military arm of the Greater Deepwater Nation, which was formed some time after the civil war. The lads at the southern lands turned to piracy when the OW's trading fleets became far easier targets first due to the war itself and then due to the power of the Steel Empire shattering. This resulted in not only the pissed-off OW separating from the empire during the treaty, but it also paved to way to the rise of the Pirate Lords who gained wealth and power in the aftermath of the war, which then united their forces and founded the DWG as we know it.
It still doesn't make sense that the land raiders would be Deep Water Guard. :V

also I tried to combine landPaddlegun and landMarauder and got neither, so I retract anything I said about calling it
feel free to steal all of my thunder (after I post that at least)
In my understanding of the general lore, the Onyx Watch split off from the Steel Empire completely independently of the civil war, just drifting off peacefully when the government lost interest in protecting them from the DWG. The DWG has existed for as long as there has been a Steel Empire, while the pirate lords may be slightly more recent due to salvage from the civil war, and Majyst's rewritten lore doesn't change that.

The Steel Empire would have been completely uninterested in controlling Janwall due to its lack of resources and poverty, leaving the DWG to their own devices and only interacting when random DWG "trade fleets" come into contact with them.

Quote:The Deepwater Guard is a scattered nomadic nation that lives in the desert archipelago of Janwall and stretches into the great plains of Eriwick. Due to the lack of rich soil and agricultural knowhow, most of the Deepwater Guard relies on deepwater fishing and whale hunting for food. Over time, the poorest of the Nation learned that some of the best ways to get rich is by piracy, so many fishing...

Deepwater Guard and Deepwater Nation are interchangeable terms for the same faction. Tongue
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