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Full Version: (OW) Stampede Landcastle
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2,300 volume. Five CRAM cannons. Towers! Crenelations! It has everything a castle needs, plus some wheels slapped on the bottom. Take it with you wherever you go!

[Image: d7uBIwC.jpg]

Armed with four tower-mounted 1003mm HE CRAM cannons, plus a single 1225mm HE CRAM on top, this thing can put out some serious hurt. No less than three guns can aim at any one target. When one of these things comes over the horizon you'd better say your prayers, because if you aren't in the sky you're gonna die.

Current issues:

Not yet painted. I'll take care of that if there's interest in the submission, but after four hours of work I needed a break.

Occasionally gets stuck on terrain. I'm not sure why, or how to fix it.

EDIT: Named to Stampede.

EDIT: AI settings still need tweaking as well.

Feedback and advice are welcome!
I'd call it the "Stampede"
Oh I like that.
Did a quick checkup.

-Everything that OW stuff needs seems to be in place, apart from the paint. The turret-sponsons are cool
-Doesn't really seem to get stuck that often, mostly just AI being dumb
-Change the roof to wood. I want the castles to resemble the hybrid-era designs more than the later ones due to the time period (...and because I think they look cooler)
-Needs some sort of detail, though OW needs its standardization I want the designs to look somewhat unique. Add chimneys, boilers, stowage, anything that could give it some unique flair

So yeah, groundwork seems fine as it is, will definitely take another look if you fix the gripes I have.
Looks like a nice sparring partner for my Lucerne.

[Image: aBX9xWU.jpg]

-Painted in fleet colors.
-Changed roof to wood.
-Added a few small details. Some stowage on the sides, a small exhaust pipe chimney on the back. It doesn't feel like enough. I'd add a boiler but I'm not sure what that even looks like.
-Renamed to Stampede
Getting there, but it's still missing some of those stricter OW nuances. The color scheme is a bit too liberal, and should be a carbon copy of the ones on the ships. The turrets also tend to have extremely standardized pitched roofs, so the turret on top should have one as well. (will also help with standardizing the color scheme - most of the colors in OW things are usually in the turrets themselves) I can try some additional detailing later on when you're done with the groundwork. Looking good otherwise.
New update!

[Image: 9z7FTFI.jpg]

-Toned down the paint a bit.
-Redesigned the turret armor.
-Added heartstone, propeller, and rudder.
-Added four jet stabilizers to prevent self-damage on spawning.

I've been basing the paint on the Bastion, with secondary on the bottom, main on the top, and a line of trim between. If it's still too much I could go with something more like the Capitol or the Bulwark, which lack the line of trim color.
Edit the OP to include the vehicle name plz
Looking good, I'll see if I can do some additional detailing later today.
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