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Full Version: How to correctly report a bug
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Hello, i'm doing this list to increase the efficency of bug fixing.
Here are the golden rules.

First rule, be sure that the bug hasn't been reported yet.
Second rule, Always specify the version of the game in the title of the thread (e.g. [1.54] Title)
Third rule, Explain your problem in details and explain how the bug can be reproduced
Fourth rule, Include the data file, if the bug occurs on a special constructable.
Fifth rule, Be sure it is a bug (don't be like me :p)
Sixth rule, Post it in the right section Wink
-> Finding a data file

1) Go to your From The Depths constructables folders (C:\Users\WindowsUserName\Documents\From The Depths\Player Profiles\ProfileName\Constructables)
2) Select the folder corresponding to your vehicle
3) Upload the data.txt file to the forum using Attachments.
Add a blueprint if applicable (this saves hours trying to replicate bugs)