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Full Version: Adding a random timer offset to APS Laser Targetters
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As it stands right now, timed shells explode a bit... flat.

I think adding a slider that introduces an extra random value to a shells timer could make for some pretty interesting and effective flak/frag/whathaveyou walls. Give it a bit of dimension

Something along the lines of (Time to target) +/- (offset timer) +/- (random value, the amount of random set by the slider)
So for example, time to target could be 10 seconds, with the offset timer set to 0, and the random slider set to 1.5, and you'd end up with one shell hitting between 11.5 seconds and 8.5 seconds.

Sorry if this was incoherent, just came to think of this at 5 in the morning.
I would appreciate this being added to the game. Would make CIWS against varied missiles much more possible.
Please this
Don't know what the rules say about bumping, especially on a thread this old but... Bump?
It is perfectly alright if it was never resolved and was just left without any coherent counter argument. I support this, it might be nice, but I don't believe it is fully necessary.
While it's not the most needed feature, it has been something I've had a need for a great meany times.

Especially since CIWS was introduced!

While I don't know how the code looks, it feels like something that could quite easily be tucked in there when there's a few minutes over.
Yeah, it sounds like a useful and inexpensive feature. I support.