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Full Version: Option to turn off Advanced Cannon Gauge Cooler "Steam" effect?
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While it's pretty nifty the first time you see it, after a while the big white clouds that emanate from Advanced Cannons after every shot get really annoying. They are:

1. Performance killing. Having enough AC's venting at once will kill your FPS, and the clouds don't go away in Degraded Mode.

2. Vision-obstructing. I can't view battles from the bridge of my battleship anymore because all the steam coming off my main guns and secondaries, in addition to lowering my FPS, "whites-out" my screen, completely obstructing my view of the battle.

3. Visually unappealing. The idea is cool, but it's weird seeing the steam clip through the armor on your turret and phase through your hull, floating up through your deck.

It would be super nice if we could just get rid of the clouds entirely, like we can do with cannon trails.
Such a thing exists? I saw it only once in earlier versions and loved it..
Cant see anymore
I adore the steam effects. Makes for lovely screenshots. Performance wise it's nowhere near as bad as what massive jet trail spam does to low and mid range GPUs.
They are a big turn off to me too. I find the clouds so unappealing I don't use Gauge coolers.

I was actually think about this last night.