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Full Version: DDG Hansa "Rolandseck"
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I'm making this short because I have to leave for a weeklong trip shortly, but I'll put in more info whenever I have internet.

History: follow this link(Google translate recommended) ==>

[Image: 6q6PxsY.jpg]

[Image: vFT9OpW.jpg]

-unarmed (don't know what to arm it with)
-complies with all regulations EXCEPT that it doesn't have a standardized engine. That rule was thrown out the window for cargo ships so that their smokestacks actually emit something.
-Carries 2,801,000 natural and metal, 1k oil and crystal, and 81k scrap.
-max speed of ~5 m/s
-bouncy because of its very short length (only 91 meters)
why does it look the small.
Because it is.
Pretty nice freighter, m8 Tongue
When it comes to armament I'm pretty sure it had at least a couple single barrel 20mm AA guns. The Germans loved their 20mm

(2016-03-20, 10:04 PM)Tallon Warhawk Wrote: [ -> ]why does it look the small.

Some of my Marus are smaller than this one.
I'll add the guns when I get back, which will be Monday.