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Full Version: Shell splashes
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Who doesn't like a splash on a hot sunny day?

The shell splashes for simple cannons and CRAMs are big, massive and thus fun to dodge around them.

Not so much for APS, they don't seem to make a splash. As my quite obsolete gaming laptop could handle dozens of cannonball splashes at once, I would not mind to see properly scaled APS splashes for shell sizes 75mm and above.

I would imagine APS machine gun spam would create too many splashes though. But it can't be worse than the fps killing sight of 50 missile trails right?
There also need to be water plumes for underwater explosions with size directly related to damage
We can start with something about half the size of a cram splash and scale down from there.
When torpedos or shells explode underwater they should have 1.5x the 2m CRAM size splash too
There are stories of ww2 torpedo planes crashing because of the splash from torpedos stopping them dead in the air and destroying their engine.
Judging upon the explosives inside the shell, it should totally reflect upon how much explosives there are inside of it.

Bigger splash, bigger boom boom.