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Full Version: Panzer VIII Maus
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The Panzer VIII Maus was a super-heavy tank designed to break through enemy defenses without taking significant damage. Only a single prototype was completed before being captured by allied forces.
[Image: WT7yWCE.jpg]
[Image: NQHrX0p.jpg]
Block count: 469 (used beams)
Max speed: 6m/s (22km/h historical max speed, an ACB restricts going faster)
Fuel capacity: 1.000
RP cost: 96.199RP
Main: 1x 128mm gun (Panzerabwehrkanone 44)
Secondary: 1x 75mm gun (Kampfwagenkanone 37)
1x 18mm coaxial machine gun (Maschinengewehr 34)

The guns MAY fire at aircraft, somewhat workarounded by making it only fire at targets going at a minimum of 30m/s.

If you don't like the camouflage i'll change it to "standard" gray or yellow Smile

Updated: Major changes to armor, disabled MG (didn't remove because it looked weird without it), other minor aesthetic changes, reworked turret a bit.

Did some changes you can look at them and se if you like maybe implement some of them? also maybe add a chair with controller inside the tank?

added flaps front tracks
changed the turret shape
added chair and hatch on turret
moved radiators 1 slot front
did not paint
Uh, i guess i'll take a few details from your version, but not much, i don't like the shape of the turret, doesn't resemble a Maus, and the chair with an open hatch is just movie stuff, you can't operate a tank like that, if you're on combat, you must close all hatches.
The radiators are actually fine as they are according to several blueprints, so i'll leave them. The flaps i don't know, maybe on the rear bit, i don't like how they cover a lot of the tracks. I'll however take the mantlet as a hatch.
I'll make a few adjustments to add a chair-controller, shouldn't be hard since i have a perfect spot.
Ok brb gonna go drive a hetzer underneath this
Then I'll drive my Type 89B on top of the Hetzer and on to the Maus.
And then i will use my Pz.IV Ausf. F2 to shoot at the radiators.
Because somehow that will render the entire tank inoperable and not just destroy the engine.
(2016-02-14, 02:33 AM)Confidentbottle Wrote: [ -> ]Because somehow that will render the entire tank inoperable and not just destroy the engine.

You must not have played War Thunder then.....
*raises hand* Will anyone tell me if i can improve it somehow or point out flaws about the bp? Rolleyes
Well at least I'm not the only one then lol.

From the pictures the turret doesn't look...amazing perhaps? Besides that it looks pretty awsome, especially the dual gun configuration. I'll make sure to download and play with it tomorrow.
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