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Full Version: Railgun ammo change
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This article had me thinking about railguns, and they mentioned that the primary investment in the technology is to introduce safety on board ships - as they would remove the necessity to store 'dangerous gunpowder' on board.

This got me to thinking that perhaps an additional utility to using rail casings (or perhaps a simple lack of gunpowder casings) could lower or eliminate the ammo usage by a shell.

If one used ALL rail casings, perhaps the ammo usage could drop to next to nothing. This way a ship with only railguns could carry *very* minimal ammo boxes/barrels... giving railguns another reasonable perk to use.

Just a thought - not super important. Just might be fun.
It'd probably require the implementation of a new type of non-volatile ammo crate, as pulling straight out of the metal storage would be ridiculous. 40 000 units of ammo in 6 blocks (large metal storage)? Yeah, no.
Other than that, I'm in for this. It'd be nice to have a APS cannon that doesn't explode when it's sneezed on.
Actually, the main reason for railguns in reality is being able to fire projectiles at Mach 7 instead of Mach 2, increasing range from about 100 to roughly 400 nautical miles, as well as rendering any defensive system installed on ships today effectively useless. Also, the projectile costs 10000 USD and can shoot down 2000000 USD missiles with ease due to projectile velocity. Ammunition safety is really just a nice side effect.