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Full Version: Heinkel He 111
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The Heinkel He 111 was a medium bomber of German origin, and saw extensive use in in the German blitz of Europe and over Britain. It was ultimately fazed out of the war by 1944 due to allied attacks.
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Scale: 2:1 ( 34 meters to 17 meters; the guns add 2 extra meters to that. )

Block Count: 904

Top Speed: 43 m/s

Armament: A single 18mm machine gun serving as a backwards gunner. (Currently doesn't work due to lack of space)
9, 2 block unguided bombs.
A single 20mm machine gun mounted on the nose.

Land Based
-Cannot launch of aircraft carriers

Available From:

[Image: EtrXh72h.jpg]

[Image: EThH6YSh.png]

[Image: Ls7VeBJh.png]

[Image: 5UXQXEsh.png]

[Image: GDOG7YNh.png]

Things to Change:
-AI; it's pretty barebones right now.
-Attack Pattern; as in, it's not been hardly touched.
-Maybe paint

I'm not all that pleased with the top down view... If anyone has some suggestions it would be appretiated. Smile

-Added ion thrusters so that it can fly straight with the drag update.
-Changed a few AI settings
Look's nice.
The body needs to be more squat and wider instead of that thin shape you have.
And perhaps 2 rows of bombs. If my IL-2 days recall, they got alot of them
Will look at it later looks good as a base for me to fix as we talked about cheers Exitus Smile.
Yeah, I'm still trying to get the ratios right on bombers. Confused

I was thinking for a bit to make the fuselage 4 blocks wide instead of three, which would both make it wider and allow more space for bombs, so I suppose I could try it real quick and see how you guys like it.

Edit: Post 500
Noooooooopppppeee :L I just spent an hour making it good :L but yeah try 4 wide that's what I did with the beufort makes the guns a pain though
This is how it looks 4 blocks wide with some quick prefab work:

[Image: QGgtpmcl.png]

[Image: y75cm15l.png]

With some streamlining I imagine it will look much better. I am going to suggest that the top gunner be removed, both because it doesn't look good on a vehicle with an even width and there's no room for an AI connection.
normal version with working turrets and stability increase. - points is lots of lead
I personally prefer mech's version of the original due to the working gunners, but if anyone wants to compare it to the 4 block version here it is.

It just comes down to whether the extra block width and bombs are more worth the gunners and aesthetics. For the moment, It's gonna stay with these two.
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