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Full Version: King George V Battliship
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Here is a replica of the British Battleship King George V. I hope you like it and I hope this makes it into the Campaign. Smile
Oooh :/ the naval leader just finished his too.... We shall see he might like yours more but otherwise please make something else we are in desperate need of ships, check the what are you doing now thread to see what people are building.
Yeah I could see there was a King George V already in but I made that ship so I thought I may as well submit it just in case It's some how better then the other. Anywho Hopes are high. Smile
I was asked to review both of the King George's, and decide on which one we want. Now I've gone with elboydo, because it doesn't have any major offences that we need to rework. If you'd like to compete against other ships, i'd recommend following the different rules religiously. Less work for us the better!!

Lack of armor, you have 1-3 metal beams to spend. Leaving turrets exposed to the strikes me as strange

Compartmentalization, big open spaces is bad!

Other: 1 repair-bot per 1000 blocks
Way to many repair bots

Have you read standardized ammo?

All of your ammo controls is the same spot, within the explosion radius of the main gun and right by the ammo dump...?

Guided torpedoes?

Way to much fuel

Engine protected by wooden beams?
Ok no worries.
It was a really good one though id love for you to make some more we need Cruisers or smaller boats like the Kingfisher class or egret class. It would have been fine if you weren't up against elboydo his tag is aftr all the English replicator :L.
No worries Smile I'll see what I can do.
Cheers Big Grin pm us if you need any help!
Aye tis a shame, as it does look quite nice. There is quite a long list of ships I'd love for people to be working on though if you fancy doing any as we need as many good shipbuilders as possible Smile