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Full Version: Bismarck
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[Image: v3e6Iuv.jpg?1]

armor at turret
[Image: GoqbOVT.jpg?1]

armor at engines
[Image: 1MlMi70.jpg?1]

using 150mm = 1 beam and slopes, alloy and everything is scaled after that

the belt will be done like this layout as close as possible
[Image: proteccion.gif]
empty hull here [attachment=20681]

22690 blocks.
23 rep bots.
8x 38cm in double mounts (3 rpm)
12x 15cm in double mounts (8 rpm)
16x 10.5cm flak (DP) double mounts (18 rpm)
16x 3.7cm low ROF AA in double mounts (30 rpm)
18x 2cm in 10 single and 2 vierling mounts (280 rpm)
speed 12 m/s
fuel 6000 with 168 fuel per power acording to rules (20m)

Tirpitz 42 have around 40 2cm and 2x triple torp launchers
Tirpitz 44 have 80 2cm and torpedoes
Thats very clever. Played with ribbing out the armor before starting building. Looking forward to seeing progress on this
its the first thing I did Wink.
that hull profile has been the target for my ammo testing

doing the BB hulls with proper cross-sections could give us some cool variety in their protection and performance

in case anyone owns a bismarck class I found the haynes manual for it Tongue
[Image: H5509_node.jpg?itok=82ND31Ps]

I also found out that stone beams have about 40% of the protection of metal, so stone could possible be used underwater to make torps even more dangerous.
I have a idea what if we kept the ribbings and used them at drydocks
(2015-12-29, 12:48 AM)Tallon Warhawk Wrote: [ -> ]I have a idea what if we kept the ribbings and used them at drydocks

you mean like ships under construction?

would look cool I think
pics of armor testing

as you see underwater hits are very dangerous, especially since i dont think the penetrating ability lessen with the lost velocity due to drag.
Remember that slopes are only 50mm and NOT 75mm due to beam scaling.
slopes are 75mm, they have same armor and half the hp. that would make them 50% of a beam wouldnt they?
or am I missing something
Beams have the health of 6 blocks unless that's been changed with the armour buff. Slopes only have half the health of thier volume in blocks or 1/3 of that in beams.
the volume is the same, except for the buoyancy volume ofc. aka their hitbox is the same. and it wouldnt matter anyways, it will act as half a beam when hit, even if it would be a smaller target.

anyways, missing some detailing, paint, propulsion and setting up all the god damned guns and flak

[Image: 3iBSeUV.jpg?1]

19k blocks atm, probably gonna barely break 20k after adding some details and propulsion
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