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Full Version: Nairana Class Escort Carrier
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Here we have one of Britains more successful escort carriers, the Nairana Class.

This ship usually carried hawkers, swordfishes/fulmers, and wildcats.

She had:
16 20mm oerlikons in twin mounts
16 40mm bofors in quad mounts
2 4 inch guns in a twin mount.

This ship is ready to span in planes and has materials to do as such.

[Image: 9tCCoQJl.png]

[Image: 83G8nE7l.png]

[Image: IQBdSYkl.png]

[Image: VWpqm7bl.png]

[Image: qtF68u8l.png]

[Image: FI5Y70Vl.png]

That is one gorgeous as heck carrier.
I can see why you are overseer for the navy. Cheers!
Thank you very much Smile

She still has a long way to go, this is but an alpha Smile

there is detail to be added, such as life rafts and whatever the hell they have on these things, but that can come alter Smile
Looks fabulous. Kudos ^
i swear i posted on here -_- well anyway she looks amazing matey has she got any of my Swordfishey's on her?
No swordfish yet, I tried but they were mroe interested in flying into my superstructure, so i'm leaving that job for somebody who is qualified to use planes! Tongue
Hoi Hoi she has a Sea hurricane which is worthy but slow i also fixed the bow s weird ribbing. will post BP soon once i figure out how to attach the planes to her.