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For all your russian needs!
I shall work on the Gangut class. Maybe the two cruiser classes they had. The kirov class heavy cruisers and the other ones that had the same hull but 6inch guns.
theres already a gangut class done by Achtung should save you sometime considering your doing about a bazillion ships Zahringen Tongue its really good and ill ask him if you can use it if youd like.
Thanks that will be perfect. im not doing that many. If we divide how many ships we want by how many of us there is im not doing enough
I meant it as your in every thread doing atleast 2 ships per faction hahaha Tongue and no worries ill find the steam page in a sec too.
thanks it seems im the only one posting today.

i like all ships except aircraft carriers with one exception being Big E.

I love this campaign and i want all the factions to have the ships they need.
Eh, is Kirov Airship (RA serie) plausible for this campaign ? A heavy Zeppelin that flies over enemies and bomb them to oblivion ?
As long as it has the balloons inside a cool shell.
(2015-11-10, 05:52 PM)Zahringen Wrote: [ -> ]As long as it has the balloons inside a cool shell.

No, it will use heliblades, the required space for in-side balloons is extremely massive and also dedicated heliblades are alot lag-less and does not de-generate the vehicle appearance as much as baloons

Also balloons are considered as exploit (Balloon armour)
yeah i tried inside balloons once...... didnt end well thanks to their ethereal properties...... now i use heli blades much better and none will know Wink.
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