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Full Version: 1.48 live in both branches
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Key map updated (options-->controls)

Inventory descriptions updated for many components

Got the remote controller and control terminal working once again (works nicely now!)

Updated the tractorbeam/docking station so that player doesn't glitch through held vehicles

Batteries save and load their charge (and are emptied when appropriate)

Same for fuel storage, engine fuel tank and ammo barrel

Added friendly fire to campaign to affect relationships- so you can delcare war by shooting on allies.

Two factions that are not at war in campaign will not fight each other (untested currently!)

Tidied up repair and attack decision making

Laser defence block will no longer damage friendlies

Fleets no longer get stuck trying to fortify a board section

Repair bugs will repair blocks on turrets and spin blocks from long ranges

Repair code tightened up

Custom cannons now no longer benefit exponentially from being bigger

Enemy fleet numbers increased in campaign mode
nothing about the automated controll block?
Nope sorry thought i'd focus on the bugs and serious stuff for the new players coming in
1.481 released... just a few bugs squashed and minor improvements

[1.481] More depth to not being at war with teams in campaign
[1.481] Fixed the ships wheel for spinning the masts- was doing it the wrong way
[1.481] Added diplomacy menu to campaign menu sidebar- in case you forget the key (F1)
[1.481] Fixed a number of small inventory based bugs