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Full Version: ACS Stat and parameter unification
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I have been enjoying the newest update to FTD, however I am getting kinda frustrated with the lack of unified parameter listings across the board.

So I want to propose a unification of sorts, changes to wording and measures used, to make the advanced cannons more "calculate and reach result" than "try until you break desk, then eyeball it".
While the enjoyment of the whole game, for me personally, depends more on producing custom craft, weapon systems, etc., I would enjoy it even more if it was easier to get the completed project in my head, if it was easier to plan ahead.

I'll throw in the things that bother me, some of them may as well be considered bug reports(or not, I am a relatively new player, but not an un-experienced one).

1. Gauge: From my limited gun knowledge, a gauge is the term used to describe a shotgun type weapon's caliber, being derived from the amount of 1 pound of lead, split into small balls, being able to fit inside the barrel. As such using gauge makes determining any gun's caliber a math game - overcomplicated with additional steps needed to calculate the end result of your gun.

Suggestion: Replace the Gauge measurements with Caliber, measured in inches/mm(not "cm"). The standard ammunition convention uses mm anyways. As an alternative - put a button in the options, allowing a toggle between mm and inch measurements(maybe even cm, if one so desires).
For me, as a person from a European country where the metric system is used, it is a waste of time to even start transforming gauge to a sensible "caliber", measured in mm(like the standartized NATO ammunition) or even to inches. Of course, this is not a call for "bring the game more to the real world standards", but merely "bring it to a more comparable level, so people can associate their creations in-game with something from the real world".

2. Unification accross the board - currently we have a few stats for the new ACs, which seem to be thrown together hastily.
First we have the Adv. Firing piece "Gauge". This gauge slider then claims to be measured in "cm".
Then we have the gun Info panel where the "Gauge" stat suddenly changes into "Diameter" of the gun barrel. On top of this it is measured in hundredths of a meter.
Then we go to the ammo controller, where the slider on top uses measurement in hundredths of a meter again. On top of this we have "Gauge" increasing blocks, which don't even have a visible parameter to them - rename them into "Caliber increase" and list the back-end data in the description of the block - "Increases caliber by x mm/hundredths of an inch. Stacks are additive/multiplicative/factor of x on previous value"

Suggestion: Change the naming convention /and if the underlying code isn't already - switch the system to calculating in metric - "mm" and imperial - "hundredths of an inch", like the two most widely accepted ammunition measuring conventions in the world. Switch all measurements related to the new guns to the aforementioned with a toggle in the options menu for switching between the two in order to keep the information easily understandable by everyone.

3. Ammo diameters - Now that we established "caliber", it is time to discuss the sizes themselves.
I guess due to rounding errors with the "gauge", instead of "mm", it is impossible to reach certain calibers perfectly and with the current system in place the only way to calculate required ammo loaders size is by eyeballing it.

Example: You can't have a 0.100 m(10 cm) diameter precisely. It is either 0.999999~ or 10.002.
So, a 5 block(10 module) shell does not fit in a gun with a Gauge set to 10.00, even though the Ammo customiser says it needs a 1m loader.

Suggestion: If switching to clear measurements such as mm/hundredths of an inch does not solve the rounding errors, then add a decimal point to the "Length of shell rack needed" with tenths past it.
Or, since we are switching to a more precise measurement, round down all AC measurements to just 2 signs for mm and 3 signs for inches past the decimal point.

4. Improve information readouts across the system:
When you increase the amount of barrels on a gun, the "Gauge"(now "Caliber") slider changes to show caliber per barrel in mm/hundredths of an inch, instead of the current non-updating representation.

5. Give information to the "Gauge Cooldown Unit"(and change it's name while we are at it) - data on how much it decreases the cooldown.

6. Give viable benefit to using more than 1 block long ammo clip - right now people just spam more autoloaders with 1 block long clips.

7. More information in the ammunition panel/gun panel:
a) Length per module;
b) Minimum/Maximum caliber for current shell setup;
c) Full shell length - leave the current "without casing" readout, just add it below.
d) Rounds-per-minute/second readout;
e) Amount of seconds sustained fire with current settings, after all factors are taken into account, without interruptions and before the loaders run our of ammo. Right now I have a gun, that I thought was perfect as a gattling gun, only to realise it starts stuttering due to reload times(or maybe cooldown? I don't know) after about 50 seconds of continuous fire.

8. If a Fall predictor block is attached to the gun subconstructable - make the line originate from the firing piece, instead of the block itself.

9. Add a block like the Router, only allowing the ammo-clips to be off of the sub-constructable. I don't know if this is possible, but would make more compact gun turrets reality. Hope it is not limited by the game engine. Most rapid-firing setups require immense amount of autoloaders, which makes for bulky turrets. Maybe limit it to work only until certain caliber per barrel(or only for 1m belt fed loaders), for balancing reasons - to ensure high caliber guns correspond to the infrastructure required, while smaller AA or small-craft mounted weapons allow for sleeker designs with imaginary belts being fed to the barrels from the hull of the craft.

That is what has bothered me so far. And while I am making suggestions, I do have some questions and I don't think posting a second thread would be polite, so:

1. Do gun mantlets/bore evacuators and muzzle breaks count as 1m of barrel each, like the barrels?

Uh, I hope someone will read this wall of text.
I did want to get it off of my mind before I forget.
Thanks for reading.
I have to agree. A standardization pass would be a good thing. So would actually doing us a favor and actually telling us what the loading speed of an Autoloader/Belt feeder actually is, the math never lines up.

So much Yes.

(BTW, belt-fed autoloaders reload exactly 5x as fast as a 1m autoloader with only one clip attached so far as I know)
Advanced Cannons needs a system where the shell input automaticly shows all the shells that fit in the autoloader / clip